Free Gifts and Special Offer

Thank-you so much for participating in the Awaken Your Soul’s Journey Summit with Angela Clement!  There are two gifts I’m offering, below, as well as a special offer for those of you that would like to delve into your Human Design.



SPECIAL OFFER: If you book a foundation reading ( ), just let me know you attended the Awaken Your Soul’s Journey summit and if you’ve lost a loved one,  I’ll run the chart of the individual  (you’ll need to provide me with their birth information and if you don’t have the time of birth, I’ll see what is still consistent in the chart over the day), and your connection chart with them and I’ll include the 2 top energetic dynamics that may be impacting you from your connection chart with that individual, in the Foundation Reading.

With gratitude.


Free Gift 2: Human Design Basics Mini Course

This mini course is designed to help you to understand the human design chart/bodygraph and includes:

  • Welcome & brief background on the human design system
  • Type, Strategy & Authority Overview
  • Understanding the Red & Black, Design and Personality in the chart
  • The 9 Energy Centres
  • The 64 Gates as your genetic traits 
  • The Channels
  • The Lines
  • Connections – how another person and the transit field/energetic weather impact your energetic wiring

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