The 5-Day

“Raising Consciousness”



(mARCH 25 – 29, 2019)

Escaping Your Zombie Zone!

Break through the trance of indecision and possession procrastination…and transform listlessness to lit up

Identify ancestral and societal unconsciousness patterns and beliefs that have a hold on you…and you holding onto your stuff!

(and did I mention it’s absolutely 100% FREE?!)

In less than 

1 hour a day, for

5 days

you can identify the main patterns and beliefs that have been preventing you from releasing items that are no longer serving you from your home and make real progress on letting them go (starts Mar. 25), and it’s 100% FREE.

step-by-step GUIDANCE

You will get a daily actionable and doable step-by-step instructions that will have you take action where there’s been indecisiveness and procrastination around certain items or clutter.

Ditch the overwhelm

You will go from feeling overwhelmed and confused, to confident, supported and motivated to take action.


You will identify ancestral patterns, beliefs and global unconsciousness paradigms to shift that can bring new levels of empowerment and freedom to your decision making around your things.


You will transform from feeling disappointed in yourself and going into zombie mode to being present, engaged and curious to explore more of yourself through your relationship with your things.  Time to bring your home into greater alignment with your authentic self.

And if you need one more reason:

You’ll do all of this with the support, encouragement and help of other like-minded people who all share the same goals

This is how it Works

Once the challenge starts, on March 25, you will receive instructions and resources for the daily challenges.

Every weekday morning between March 25 and march 29

you will receive an email with a link to the Challenge web page providing the details of the challenge of that day.

Every day, the challenge of the day will be posted in our private facebook group

where all the participants of the challenge can share their work, challenges and progress and get feedback and support from fellow participants.

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All you have to do is spend 1 hour or so a day for 5 days (starting Jan. 30) to go through the daily exercise, and you will have a complete home makeover strategy to plan, create and execute your dream home makover. So what say you, are you in?

What EXACTLY will I be doing in the daily challenges?

By the end of the 5-Day Challenge you will:


an area, things or an item that put you into the “zombie zone”


the patterns and beliefs attached to these items


the emotional glue binding you to these things


your inspired vision


you and your space!

This all sounds great but what if….

...I don’t have Time each day to complete the daily challenges?

No worries! You can do the daily challenges at your own pace and time, any time before April 5.

...I don’t like the challenge after I started?

Then just don’t do it! We are not twisting your arm here and it is completely FREE so you have nothing to lose!

...I need help or have questions?

No problem! As long as you join our private Facebook group, you will get answers and help throughout the challenge.

What do you say?

Are you ready to start clearing the stuff that’s been putting you in the zombie zone while raising your consciousness around old patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back?



Identify unhealthy ancestral and societal patterns putting you in the Zombie Zone in 5 days

You are in!

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