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Aligning To Your Cosmic Nature

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You’re a beautiful and unique expression of Source, Divine, Creator!  As a Being of consciousness in form, though, the shadow mind, body’s intelligence and Soul’s spirit may all have different input on the decisions you’re making to progress your Dharmic/Karmic path. 

…Especially with all the information that’s coming at you in this fast paced world! 

It’s easy for misalignment to occur in these aspects of you, resulting in indecision, eroded trust in yourself, tension, stress and depletion of your life force energy.

We all know that plants, in the form of food, herbal remedies, teas, essential oils, medications, etc., have been used for centuries to assist in treating the body on all levels, for health and healing.  But, plants are also capturing the Cosmic archetypes and qualities of the Planets and Stars! This allows one to work with their celestial energies to support alignment with our body, mind and spirit.  You can then move into greater balance and harmony so that you’re able to receive more clarity and increase your capacity to become a vessel of light, love and service

Since each plant has its own impressive healing qualities, it’s extremely potent when the cosmic and plant energies are combined!  The plants are also experts at receiving, assimilating and grounding these energies and, as you integrate their energies, can help you do the same! 

Are you…

  •       Feeling like you just aren’t getting clear messages to move forward?
  •       Overwhelmed by the energies or feel that your mind is foggy?
  •       Lacking confidence in your decisions…withdrawing when others challenge you or simply let others do the decision making?
  •       Too tired to even make a decision?
  •       Disconnected from your light and running on autopilot?
  •       Wanting to increase your capacity to flow light–  to be of greater service in the world, but discouraged at your current state of receptivity?

INSTEAD…Let’s get you ready to use the Harmonizing Cosmic plant essences to bring more alignment and clarity to your Self, Mind and Spirit! Recapture the energetic cost of missed and mixed messages and use that life force energy to move forward with increased confidence and insight!!

Using your Astrological data (or intuitively when the data is not available), Margo determines the representative Planets of your Body, Mind and Spirit and then intuitively determines the specific plant essence for each that will support your alignment. Working with the Beings of Love, Light, Service and Power in collaboration with the Spirits of the Natural World, Margo channels, activates and harmonizes these powerful Cosmic Plant Essences into your Being to support your ability to flow light, align to your unique expression of source…which is your purpose!… and receive Clarity.  



Intake Form
Value $33

Share your birth information, if available, for me to run your Astrological chart (I will intuit the planets coming through to support your Body, Mind and Spirit if you do not have the birth information). You can also share any challenges or patterns around alignment, clarity and living from your Celestial Nature.

Orientation & Intention Call
Value $99

On this call, I’ll share valuable background information to prepare you for the one-one-one session.

The purpose of the Orientation call:

  •     Creating a Sacred Container for you to invite your Being to step into your Cosmic Nature in a greater way
  •       Perform a group invocation to Activate the High vibrational qualities of the Celestial Plant Essences.
  •       Prepare you for the intimate connection with the Plants, Planets and ways you can get the maximum benefit of your time with them during your session
  •       Prime your energetic system to release misaligning energies and move into greater body-mind-spirit coherence through an activation process

Body-Mind-Spirit Alignment  – Intuitive Reading
Value $30.00

Just this one reading can immediately bring light and transform your perspective of yourself and your life! You’ll receive an intuitive reading on the Misaligned aspect most compromising your Body-Mind-Spirit alignment during the private session.  We’ll be releasing this aspect before the infusion and activation so that you can move more deeply into your Being.

Bringing Shadow to Light Meditations
Two Pre-Session MP3 downloads
Value: $60.00

These meditations will help attune your energetic system to the healing light of Beings of Love, Light, Service and Power. Invoke and journey with the light power qualities of Rahu and of Ketu respectively through one of their plant allies.  While often discussed as the shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu (the North and South nodes of the Moon, the eclipse points) have amazing powers when it comes to immunity, protection and regeneration. 

Your Celestial Plant Essences + Image Infusions
Value: $111

I’ll use specific aspects of your Vedic chart  information in combination with your Human Design bodygraph to determine the Planets representing your Body, Mind and Spirit.  If you don’t have this information, I’ll be tuning in intuitively with your Higher Self to download the Planetary archetype that wants to support each of your Self, Mind and Spirit to move into greater alignment and allow you to flow your light for increased clarity!  Even for those with their birth information, I’ll be confirming the cosmic information with your Higher Self. 

You’ll receive a PDF document with your Essences, the infused images and additional support information.  The planetary mantra for each will be included as well.

Celestial Inner Alignment Activation
~ Increasing Body-Mind-Spirit Coherence ~


During the session:

  •   Receive your Intuitive reading of the shadow aspect most compromising alignment of your Body, Mind and Spirit. We’ll set a powerful intention for clearing, harmonization and light amplification! 
  •   Release this shadow aspect – I’ll be guiding and supporting you through this using cleansing crystalline light.
  •   Invoke the specific Celestial Plant Essences that your Higher Self has indicated to facilitate alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit.
  •   Partake of your Celestial Plant infusion, activation and harmonization to allow a deeper knowing of your Cosmic Nature.   
  •   Amplify the activation through the power of mantra. I’ll sound the planetary mantra for each essence as it’s infused to amp up the integration!
  •   Discover through an intuitive scan, the number of days needed for full integration of the energies and essences

There is deep healing work that occurs with the infusion to dissolve density that has been preventing clarity, flow of light in your Being and diminishing the ability of the Self, Mind and Spirit aspects to work together.  As you receive the Celestial Plant essences and come to understand their high vibration frequencies as part of you, it facilitates your inner Harmony, Bliss, and Love of your own Cosmic Nature.

The session will be recorded so that you can use it going forward as part of your energetic housekeeping!


(Included in Option 1)

Amplifying Your Divine Alignment with the Cosmic Tree
~ Releasing & Renewing Workshop ~
2 hour Workshop
Value $444

Now that we’ve worked on coming into greater alignment within, we’re going to take another step in aligning to Divine Source through connection with the Cosmic Tree!

In many ancient cultures, there was an understanding and mythos of a World Tree, Cosmic Tree or Tree of Life as a connection to the Earth below and the Heavens above. In this workshop, we’ll delve into this mythology for greater understanding of the related concepts, as above, so below, as within, so without and more!

Then, I’ll facilitate a releasing and clearing process around common shadow aspects carrying fear, resentment, suffering, etc., that interfere with our ability to connect with the Divine Source energies of Allness and Oneness for another level of alignment, clarity and purpose! This is deep work… Time to weed those inner garden shadow aspects that have been lying below the surface and limiting your ability to root, grow, radiate and receive!

We’ll finish with connecting with the Cosmic Tree to establish the seeds of greater levels of empowerment, knowing of your value and love of your unique Beingness as an absolutely necessary part of the Allness!

Calling Forth the Fruit of Your Cosmic Tree
Post Workshop Integration Meditation – MP3 download
Value $44.00

As you integrate the energies of the Cosmic Tree to support alignment to your own Cosmic Nature, I’ll guide you, through this post workshop meditation, to call forth the metaphoric fruit from the seeds of intention and inspiration you’ve planted.



  • Intake Form
  • Orientation Call
  • Intuitive Reading
  • Celestial Plant Essences Reading + Image infusions
  • Private Session
  • Cosmic Tree Workshop
  • Post Workshop Meditation

Total value: $1054 US
Investment: $196 US




  • Cosmic Tree Workshop
  • Post Workshop Meditation

Total value: $488 US
Investment: $60.00 US



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