Empowering Your Luminous Light

Transmuting The Sabotaging Shadows Holding You Back with the Celestial Plant Allies of the Eclipse Energies

with Margo Fraser 

Are You Eclipsing Your Own Light?

It’s not unusual to have shadow aspects of yourself that are actually fearful of you fully embodying and radiating your light.  Their underlying fears can be buried deep but their impact can hold you back from satisfaction, success, peace, joy, aligning with your inner truth and creating the life you want.

When you’re not at ease within, not only can it filter down into the physical as dis-ease, but the frustration and friction can play out in your interactions with others.

Like the Eclipse that creates a shadow over the Sun and Moon, your inner saboteur shadow aspects can have you consciously, or unconsciously

  • dimming your light,
  • rebelling against what you know is actually aligned for you, and
  • bogging you down in time and energy sucking rabbit holes

that leave you too exhausted work on the things that are closest to your heart’s dreams and desires.   

Here’s how these sabotaging shadow aspects may be playing out:

  • Distracted or procrastinating… constantly putting off the things that will really move you forward with what you want to create in your life
  • Deflecting compliments and appreciation
  • Too tired to do the things you want to do, maybe even feeling defeated by life.  You easily give to others but don’t have energy left for yourself. 
  • Negative self-talk – that voice that says ‘who are you to…?!’
  • Desperation to find your purpose that creates confusion instead of clarity. and fear & anxiety that you’ll make the wrong decision
  • Feeling stuck, stagnant,  overwhelmed or scattered
  • Feeling disconnected from your spirit and resigned to the life you have, even if it’s not what you want
  • You start off strong towards your goals but the closer you get to achieving them, the more things come up that pull you off track
  • Chronic complaining about the state of your life
  • Tendency to ‘zone out’ in front of the TV or go down social media rabbit holes. Popping onto Facebook, etc. for a ‘quick’ check and an hour later, you’re still there
  • Rebelling against things that you know are healthy for you and will move you forward
  • Trying to live according to someone else’s expectations and vision of what a successful life looks like
  • Avoid asking others for help and afraid to ask the questions that would move you forward out of fear you’ll look stupid or incapable

Time to Call on the Eclipse Energy Alchemy Through Their Celestial Plant Allies!

While the Eclipse Energies are often associated with our shadow selves, they also hold high vibration transcendent frequencies that boost your spiritual immune system…your ability to sense what is healthy and aligned for you and what is not!  And, we can bring these energies to your Earth, your body and Being, and ground them through their Celestial Plant Allies.

In Vedic Astrology, the Eclipse points are called Rahu and Ketu, the North and South Nodes of the Moon, respectively.  In their lowest form, they represent the shadow saboteur, but in their highest  form, they are the essences of  Cosmic Air and Cosmic Fire!

Through the potent power of their  Celestial Plant Allies, their frequencies  can support you in recognizing,  transmuting and transcending your lower level shadows saboteurs.

Merge with the Divine Breath of life through the Cosmic Air and ignite deeper alignment with your true heart & spirit through Cosmic Fire connection!

There’s a deep satisfaction in life, greater peace, delight, and sense of success when you are living and taking action towards your dreams and desires.  That light that flows through you in this state is palpable.   

Through this program, we’ll systematically unearth your primary sabotaging shadow aspects, root them out to bring them into the light, face them, befriend them, and understand their motivations.  Then we’ll shift them through the Eclipse Energy Alchemy of the Celestial Plant Allies to light aspects with new, high vibe motivations that will support you in cultivating your Divine light.

The shadow mind tends to carry an all or none attitude…ie, “when I have a big block of time, I’ll work on that thing I really want to create”…and that big block of time keeps getting eroded by the little things.  Well, HAHA little things, we’re going to turn the tables and use you to move the needle and gain momentum towards courageously shining our lights!!

So, are you ready to shift those sabotaging shadows and cultivate your inner light so that you are both more  receptive to, and more able to take action aligned with, what you want to create in your life?

If it’s a YES!, here’s what I’m offering to support you…


Includes All of Items 1-6 + Bonus

Item 1

Orientation & Intention Call

(value $99)

On this  call, I’ll share valuable background information and prepare you for the Masterclasses and  workshop.

  • Feel the Power of our Sacred Invocation…calling forth the aid of Rahu & Ketu as  Cosmic Air and Fire along with their Celestial Plant Allies
  • Ignite the energy of your intention in the Intention Setting process to bring you into awareness of and Activate the High vibrational qualities of your Sacred Light
  • Prepare your energetic structures  for releasing the energies sabotaging you from shining your light in a greater way
  • Attune your Being to fundamental essences and energies that will create a strong, resilient container for your receptivity to the transformational process

Item 2

Transmuting Sabotaging Shadows – Intake & Illumination Form

(value $60)

The intake form is where you’ll share the sabotaging  patterns and experiences you’ve become aware of.  You’ll gain awareness and insight of patterns and conditioning  impacting  your life and this will start the process of loosening density and support you in setting strong intentions for making shifts to align with your truth through the program.

      Item 3

      Eclipsing Your Light Intuitive Reading

      (value $63)

      I’ve trained with Academy for the Soul, and using my intuitive abilities connected with your Higher Self, I dive beyond the veil and peer into your field  to reveal what’s hidden from your eyes. 

      Through my vast training with Multi-sensory intuitive Christel Hughes, I’ve come to personally know the power of shadow aspects when they take you over – you can’t see them because they usually hide out in your blind spot.  

      You’ll receive an intuitive reading on the sabotaging shadow aspect most eclipsing your ability to shine your light so that you’ll have it to specifically  release during the workshop.. Just this one reading can immediately bring light and transform your perspective of yourself and your life!

      You’ll receive your reading prior to the workshop.


          Item 4

          Masterclass 1: Revealing Your Sabotaging Shadows & The Celestial Plant Allies That Support Eclipse Energy Alchemy

          (value $111)

          In this  Masterclass (~90 min) we’ll  investigate and unearth  common Sabotaging Shadow Aspects and their underlying motivations  so that you can begin to deeply root them out. 

          Doing this will bring greater contemplation of the sabotaging  patterns and beliefs that may be impacting you  so that we can clear as much density as possible in the workshop.  

          I’ll discuss:

          • Common Sabotaging Shadow Aspects and their underlying motivations…the fears that drive them
          • The light qualities of Rahu and Ketu, the eclipse energies
          • The potent Celestial Plant Allies of Rahu & Ketu  and the specific qualities and frequencies they carry to facilitate the Eclipse Energy Alchemy that can  support transmuting those shadow aspects to light

          I’ll  also:

          • Guide you through an exercise to support you in bringing your sabotaging shadows to awareness
          • Channel  a preliminary infusion of the Celestial Plant Allies to start loosening the density in preparation for the workshop

           In addition, you’ll receive: 

          A  PDF Guide the summarizes the Masterclass information and provides exercises,  image infusions and practices to work with the Celestial Plant Allies to support your transformational process. 


              Item 5

              Masterclass 2: Decoding Your Design – Identifying Your Primal Fear Vulnerabilities

              (value $111)

              In this  Masterclass (time will depend on number of participants) I’ll utilize your Human Design to reveal the primal fears that you’re most vulnerable to. 

              As a Human Design Practitioner trained through the International Human Design School,  to the deepest level of this system that unveils your energetic, genetic wiring…your gifts/strengths and where you’re most vulnerable to ‘not-self’/shadow conditioning, I’ll be utilizing this knowledge to specifically hone in on your “Splenic Centre” wiring.  

              The Splenic Centre is correlated with your immune system and represents your most primitive awareness of what’s healthy for you or not in the moment and is survival oriented.  It is also the seat of your primal fears.

              I’ll be reviewing each participant’s design and illuminating the not-self mind fears that your design reveals.  We’ll have time to have a brief discussion of where you’re at with the fears showing in your chart/bodygraph.  

              **Note, your Birth date, time and place are required to run your chart. I’ll collect this information on the intake form.  If you do not have full information, you can put what you do know on the intake form and I’ll see what is consistent over the day for you.  If you don’t know your information at all, you’ll still find value in the discussion as we are all impacted by these primal fears through the ‘Cosmic Energetic Weather’ and you’ll be able to identify which are most prevalent for you. 

               In addition, you’ll receive: 

              A  PDF Guide the summarizes the Masterclass information


                Item 6

                Releasing Your Sabotaging Shadows & Unveiling Your Luminous Light Workshop

                2 Hour Live Group Workshop (value $444)

                In this 2 hour workshop, I’ll

                • Set up a high vibration, energetic container that supports the releasing of the sabotaging  energies that have been holding you back from shining your light and taking confident steps forward, and enhancing the infusion of transformative frequencies
                • Call in the power of the specific Celestial Plant Allies with the Eclipse Energy Alchemy of the Cosmic Air and Cosmic Fire to support the releasing, purification and infusion process
                • Guide you through a sacred journey to bring your shadow saboteur aspects into the light and acknowledge them with compassion and understanding.  We’ll bring gratitude to the lessons and blessings they have brought through the process so that they can be fully released and transmuted to supportive aspects aligned with your light 
                • Channel the energies of the  high vibe Celestial Plant Ally Essences into to nourish and nurture these upleveled aspects, and then merge them into your Being through a Sacred Ceremony. 
                • Harmonize and balance these energies within your Being to support your Spiritual Immune System, your ability to take in what’s healthy for you and eliminate what’s not. 

                Releasing and receiving the powerful  energies through this workshop, you’ll experience:

                • Greater insight into old unhealthy patterns and aspects so that your mind can let go and support the highest vibrational qualities aligned with your Sacred Light
                • Reduced tension in your body from releasing those aspects that diminished your ability to be at ease within
                • Greater confidence, self love and joy as you come into greater relationship with your own Sacred Light and your Magical Nature…and the greater confidence in knowing you have a toolbox of practices to support you in moving through obstacles you meet along your life journey
                • Increased ability to bring triggers and not-self aspects into awareness and enhanced courage  in facing them and moving through them. 
                • Increased awareness of the importance of nurturing and nourishing your Sacred Light and resolve to take action towards this. 

                  OPTION 2

                  Everything in Option 1, above, is included with Option 2

                  Item 7

                  Exercises for Unearthing Self-Sabotaging Shadow Aspects & Their Gifts Guide
                  ~Utilizing the Holiday Season~

                  PDF Exercise Guide (value $30)

                  We have a special opportunity to take advantage of the holiday season for identifying your Sabotaging Shadow aspects and observing sabotaging aspects in others because it’s a time of year when they really seem to like to come out! 

                  While you’ll have knowledge from the Masterclasses to start bringing Sabotaging Shadows to awareness, this guide will provide you with greater structure. 

                  The workshop will be held in January 2023 so it’s a perfect time for self-observation.  We’ll bring the spirit of curiosity and playfulness to this as much as possible and the exercises will be short but potent opportunities to unearth those shadow aspects as well as putting into practice some of the exercises brought forward in the Masterclasses.


                    Item 8

                    Post Workshop Empowering Your Luminous Light Live Q&A Call

                    (Value $111)

                    In this  post workshop and pre-retreat question and answer call, we’ll gather together to see how you did with your transformational process, any place you got stuck and support with practices to move you forward on your light path. 

                    I’ll be checking in on the aspect I identified in the intuitive reading to see if it’s been fully cleared and anything remaining or the next thing your Higher Self is indicating for you. 

                    It’s so beneficial to hear and learn from other’s experiences!  Let’s get you the support you need to take your next steps!!

                      Cosmic alignment picture

                      Item 9

                      Empowering Your Luminous Light Retreat

                      ~ Enhancing Connection with Your Cosmic Air and Cosmic Fire ~

                      2.5 hour live and interactive Zoom Call (Value $999)

                      Time to harness the power of the group in this live 2.5 hour Retreat designed to amp up connection to the Cosmic Air and Fire frequencies to facilitate your ability to move that Divine Breath of prana through you and keep your spiritual fire stoked!

                      It’s another leveling up of your spiritual immunity, expansion and transcendence in the unique way that the high vibe Eclipse Energy Alchemy of the Celestial Plant Allies can offer!

                      I’ll not only guide you through processes to connect more deeply with your own Cosmic Fire and Air, but I’ll be channeling and activating the specific Celestial Plant Ally for each of Rahu and Ketu that has come in for you, personally, to support clearing out the residual sabotaging energies identified in the Q&A session and enhancing your spiritual immune system and ability to transcend shadow energies. 

                      You’ll get to witness (and receive, when it’s correct for you according to your Higher Self), the energies the other participants are receiving as well as being witnessed in your own activation to support your evolution. There’s an amplification that happens in the group container!

                      When you work with the high vibrations of the Eclipse Energies, you come into greater levels of resilience, discernment, ease and flow! Triggers transform into opportunities for growth and expansion.



                        Cultivating the Inner Garden of Your Heart’s Dreams and Desires

                        Post Workshop Integration Meditation – Downloadable mp3 (Value $55)

                        In this guided journey, we’ll shine the light you’ve cultivated through this program on the inner garden of your heart’s dreams and desires to nourish them with the Cosmic Air and Fire essences to fertilize and nourish their growth into manifestation as an expression of your Divine Being-ness and Love.

                        Relax into these replenishing energies that will support integration and assimilation of the frequencies brought in through the clearing and healing completed in the workshop. 

                        Ready to Join in?

                        Program Start Date: December 8, 2022 with the Full Moon Energies!
                        Masterclasses 1 & 2 will take place December 11 & 18 respectively.  Workshop, Q&A and Retreat will start in January – dates TBA
                        All sessions are recorded with the energies encoded and will be in your Special Access Area 

                         Option 1

                        ~ Orientation/Intention Call
                        ~ Intake & Illumination Form
                        ~ Intuitive Reading
                        ~ Masterclass 1: Revealing Your Sabotaging Shadows
                        ~ Masterclass2: Identifying Your Primal Fear Vulnerabilities
                        ~ Releasing Your Sabotaging Shadows Workshop
                        ~ Bonus Post Workshop Integration Meditation

                        Total value: $888 US
                        🔥 Special Offer : $166.50 US

                        Option 2

                        ~ Orientation/Intention Call
                        ~ Intake & Illumination Form
                        ~ Intuitive Reading
                        ~ Masterclass 1: Revealing Your Sabotaging Shadows
                        ~ Masterclass2: Identifying Your Primal Fear Vulnerabilities
                        ~ Releasing Your Sabotaging Shadows Workshop
                        ~ Bonus Post Workshop Integration Meditation
                        ~ Sabotaging Shadows Identification Guide
                        ~ Empowering Your Luminous Light Live Q&A Call
                        ~ Empowering Your Luminous Light Retreat

                        Total value: $2028 US
                        🔥 Special Offer : $333.00 US


                        ” Margo is a unique being who is so in tune with nature, it will really blow your mind in such an Awesome way! Her depth of love for and ability to tap into the animals and nature spirits combined with her ability to channel the Beings of Love, Light, Service and Power provides a one-of-a-kind experience of support and revitalization for dealing with depletion. You’ll feel so loving held in her Magical connections as she taps into the symbology that Nature can gift you…and translates that for clear guidance and well-being. As a result of working with Margo, you’ll be feeling so Divinely connected and Alive! “

                        Christel Hughes
                        Creator of Academy for the Soul, the Online School for Intuitive Arts


                        ” Margo is a potent and powerful nature intuitive. Her Listening and discernment of of the energy present as well as the energy configuration needed to create a true shift is amazing. She’s a natural! “

                        Ana Maria Vasquez, Multi-Sensory Animal & Nature Intuitive

                        ” I’d love to share my appreciation & gratitude for Margo’s work. .She did an intuitive reading and mentioned about an issue that I recognized many years ago (actually my vocal coach helped me to recognize it), but it never came to me that there is actually a solution for this!!!  It was like a shift by even knowing the real cause.  And I can’t be happier enough to see this shift in my reality. .She provides detailed insights and her knowledge about aura and energetic bodies is very precise. .If there is something going on that is affecting your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, she connects to your higher self and works from that connection. Plus she cares so much about the healing process. Love you, ”


                        ” I would highly recommend doing a session with Margo! She has the most powerful yet grounded energy I have ever felt! She makes you smile just talking to her. She is so in tune with all of Nature and Mother Earth. She supported me with ease and grace during the whole session, and I was able to follow along easily and really feel into everything that was happening. She got right to the heart of my issues and released what was holding me back. Then she had my Higher Self, the Divine, the Elements and my chosen animal infuse my entire being with all the highest level energies possible. I was so enlightened and re-energized on every level of my being. It was absolutely the best session I have ever had! I can’t thank her enough for sharing her gifts with me and changing my life for the better! So don’t hesitate if you want to work with Margo. It will be the best choice you have made yet! Much love ”

                        Jeanna Koch

                        “I wanted to thank you for this incredible healing journey. I am having such a beautiful experience. Today’s workshop was absolutely Amazing! I felt so much shifting, experienced some heavy deep emotions, and lovingly let them go, as I felt them leave my body. I feel balanced, rejuvenated, I cleaned my whole house and went for a barefoot walk after the workshop . I truly thank you for going into a place of healing and sharing your beautiful light and blessed gifts with the world.”


                        “This workshop was powerful! I felt numerous energetic shifts during the call. Wonderful!! Appreciate you and your gift, Margo G Fraser. Thank you!” !”


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