Home Energetic Renovation & Elemental Harmonization

~Restoring the Divine Spirit
of Your Home~

with Margo Fraser

Let’s make sure your space is an energetic amplifier not a vitality vampire!!

You are here on a mission and deserve to live in a Sanctuary as your headquarters for Expansion and Illumination. So what are the energies hiding out in your home? Are they truly supporting your efforts or silently sabotaging you? 

Your spiritual progression depends not only on interacting with other people, but with your space and everything in your environment.  Lower level energies from current and previous occupants, past events on the land, the building of the home and manufacturing of it’s materials, as well as items brought into the space can all impact our energetic system!  Just like the physical home, the energetic structure of your space needs to be renovated to clear out old, dense energies and replace them with high vibration energies that are in harmony with you and support your expansion in all areas of your life. Let’s give your space a Divine Makeover!

When there are issues in the energetic structure of the space, your energy has to compensate and becomes overwhelmed and depleted without you even realizing what’s going on, resulting in a downward spiral.  It also compromises the ability of your home’s Elementals (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) to bring their highest vibration qualities to the space.  Other Beings in the space (other people, plants, animals) are also impacted.  It’s time for an energetic home renovation through the powerhouse work of the Beings of Love, Light, Service and Power and the Spirits of the Natural World! 

  • Have you felt negative energy in your space?
  • Does it feel like there is too much BUZZING going on in your home and you can’t get a good night’s rest?
  • Do you wake up feeling just as tired as when you went to bed?
  • Do you sometimes feel you make sabotaging decisions that cause you to go against your intentions? Like eating unhealthy food or not doing your spiritual work?
  • Have you felt irritable, frustrated or overly sad even though there is nothing that has happened in your life to constitute this feeling?
  • Does it feel like the door to your desires has been slammed shut?
  • Do you feel constrained in your space instead of free?
  • Do you feel restless, unmotivated or stuck in moving forward in your life?
  • Are you ready for your next energetic expansion? 

Time to renovate the energetic structure of your space and connect with your Home’s Deva and Elemental Team!

Recapture the cost of your depletion to your space while enhancing your ability of your space to support you in manifesting your desires!

What’s Included

1) Private Energetic Renovation & Elemental Harmonization Session with Margo Fraser
2) Orientation call
3) Three (3) Pre-session Meditations
4) Post-Session Follow-up
5) “Dwelling in Peace” Honouring Meditation
6) Post Session Workshop: Collaborating with Your Elemental Home Team

Total Value $764.00

Details Below  

Ready to support your home so it can support you?

Total Value $764.00

Energetic Renovation & Elemental Harmonization Session


During the session, (approximately 40 min),
~I will speak to the Spirit/Deva of your home and the home’s Elementals and intuitively identify the primary issues impacting the energetic structure of your space:  It’s foundation/grounding, boundary and vertical column and compromising its Elementals.  
~I will channel the specific light indicated by the Beings of Light to dissolve, disinfect and purify the energies in these key structural areas. 
~We’ll turn your space into a vibrational Sanctuary!…Infuse the purified areas for repair and rejuvenation with the high vibration energies of the home’s Natural World Power Spirit to support your space and you in reclaiming your vitality.  

~Grounding and harmonizing of your Home’s Aura with your personal Aura, increasing your connection and personal power to manifest your creations!

~ I’ll call forth your home’s Elemental Team…it’s Earth, Air, Fire and Water Elementals, bring in the energies needed to rejuvenate, balance and harmonize them with each other, as well as with your body elementals so that your Being can be more relaxed, efficient and in flow in your space (we’ll ensure that there is harmony with others in the home as well!)

~I’ll also teach your home how to transmute lower level energies so that it can support you and those that come into your space going forward. 


Pre-Session Orientation Call (~45-60 min) Value: $79.00

Listen in to this orientation call where I share valuable background information to prepare you for the private session. This includes: 

~Creating a Sacred Container for your home and the energetic renovation to come

~Performing a Sacred Invocation to call forth the Deva and Elementals of your home into the Sacred Container

~Setting a powerful intention for the clearing, purification and rejuvenation of your home and the vibrations you would like it to hold in the session

~Preparing your home’s energetic structures for releasing the energies limiting the empowerment of its Deva and Elementals and also preparing your Being for releasing any lower level energies taken on through your interactions with your environment

~Attuning your home and your Being to fundamental essences and energies that will be utilized during the workshop


Post Session Follow-up:  Value: $56.00

You will also receive a ~10 minute post-integration consultation to check on the integration of the energies of the restoration and harmonization and to answer any questions that you may have.

After the program you will typically experience:

  • A heightened sense of being grounded, expanded and at peace in your home
  • Increased connection and support from your own space
  • Improved ability to deal with what is coming at you day to day
  • Increased vitality and reduced tension and effort from no longer being in conflict with your home’s energy.
  • Increased ease, knowing that your space can help transmute any lower level energies coming into the space going forward – Woohoo!

Pre-Session Meditations

These meditations are designed to start moving density out of these areas and bringing in high vibration energies as well as beginning the process of harmonizing your energies so that your home can fully support you!  A Nature Spirit came in to support each of these, as you’ll hear in the meditation!!

~ Home Foundation Gratitude and Honouring Meditation  MP3 Value: $36.00

~ Home Boundary Gratitude and Honouring Meditation  MP3 Value: $36.00

~ Home Vertical Column Gratitude and Honouring Meditation  MP3 Value: $36.00


Post Session Workshop: Collaborating with your Elemental Home Team

(~90 min) Value: $125.00

Now that you’ve connected with your Home’s Deva and Elementals, let’s enhance your understanding of how you can work with them to support you in a greater way as you move along your spiritual path.  The foundation has been set for a beautiful collaboration to build on for manifestation and ascension!

I’ll discuss specific practices and use of Stone and Plant Kingdom Energies and Essences to maintain and strengthen your home’s high vibes and your relationship with your ‘Home Team’!


Hi I am….

Margo Fraser, a Certified Intuitive Strategist, Certified Human Design Professional and Master Teacher with Academy for the Soul.  Whether through my days as an athlete, or canoeing tripping and hiking in remote areas or now doing intuitive work, I’ve had to move through many very uncomfortable situations including facing my own shadow side to dig deep and allow the lessons to be revealed.  I have an ability to hold space in a big way and support others and their spaces in transforming their depleted energies to become a greater loving presence and Divine Light in the World.  I am privileged to work with the Beings of Love, Light, Service and Power, and the Spirits of the Natural World to clear dense energies within and without, and then bring in the high vibration qualities from the natural world that your Higher Self is calling for to restore flow of life force energy and build the spiritual immune system of you and your home for greater flow, freedom and confidence.  It’s my mission to raise consciousness through helping individuals connect with their true nature through nature and feel the deep cosmic interconnectedness that lies within.

Margo image

Ready to up-level your home?

What People Are Saying

If you are facing a difficult time or if you need guidance to make a right choice about something in your life and have wondered if the energy in your home or office is supporting you as best as possible. I would suggest a consult with Margo.  Margo ’s home clearing programme has really worked for me and I consider it no less than amazing!


Margo is a unique being who is so in tune with nature, it will really blow your mind in such an Awesome way! Her depth of love for and ability to tap into the animals and nature spirits combined with her ability to channel the Beings of Love, Light, Service and Power provides a one-of-a-kind experience of support and revitalization for dealing with depletion. You’ll feel so loving held in her Magical connections as she taps into the symbology that Nature can gift you…and translates that for clear guidance and well-being. As a result of working with Margo, you’ll be feeling so Divinely connected and Alive!

Christel Hughes

Creator of Academy for the Soul, the Online School for Intuitive Arts<br />

I felt a huge shift yesterday and some minor ones before that, but feels like the session integration is settled and complete.  It feels amazing. I love the new relationship with my house and the suggestions about working with it ~ I am decluttering and cleaning and it feels good, it’s been stuck for so long  😊 I’m so grateful.


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