Human Design

Human Design is a esoteric and exoteric system that provides a map of your genetic, energetic design. What are your strengths/gifts and where are you open to ‘not-self/shadow’ conditioning that can leave you frustrated, angry, bitter and disappointed rather than experiencing satisfaction, success, peace and surprise. 

It also provides you with your strategy to reduce resistance as you move through life and how to make decisions aligned with your energy and your strengths. [Hint – it’s not from the mind!  No more pros and cons lists! ]

To understand the fundamentals, get my free Human Design Basics mini-course, below and then keep scrolling down to see the sessions offered (more to come!)

Free: Human Design Basics Mini Course

This mini course is designed to help you to understand the human design chart/bodygraph and includes:

  • Welcome & brief background on the human design system
  • Type, Strategy & Authority Overview
  • Understanding the Red & Black, Design and Personality in the chart
  • The 9 Energy Centres
  • The 64 Gates as your genetic traits 
  • The Channels
  • The Lines
  • Connections – how another person and the transit field/energetic weather impact your energetic wiring

Foundation Reading

$150.00 US


In this session (~90 min) you’ll receive a 1-on-1 reading of your operating manual to reduce resistance in your life and learn how you uniquely express your energy out into the world

– what’s consistent and reliable for you,

– how your aura operates, the decision making process to use to move you along your path in life – no more pros & cons lists!,

– the main places you’re vulnerable to unwittingly taking on other’s energies that can leave you drained, overwhelmed and stuck in an unfulfilling relationship and

– the wisdom that you can gain when you release the  conditioning aspects.

– your profile, the costume you wear in the world,

– sign posts to let you know if you’re in the correct environment

A foundation reading is the key that unlocks your understanding of deeper readings and to starting to experiment with your design.

Please contact me at for pricing if you are located in Canada/Australia/New Zealand

Mini-Reading 1


Not quite ready for the full foundation reading, try it out with this mini-reading and you can add in part 2 later if it resonates with you, to complete the full foundation reading information.  In this mini-reading (~45 min), we’ll review your auric operating manual, the way you express your energy out into the world that’s consistent and reliable for you, the decision making process to move you along your path and the top 3 areas of vulnerability for not self conditioning that could leave you feeling overwhelmed, drained or stuck in a co-dependent relationship.


Relationship Connection Reading

$200.00 US (201.00 US for 3 pay option)

In this session (~75 min) we look at how two charts impact each other…the electromagnetics, the places where there can be some friction, and the places where one can learn from the other.  

A new energetic dynamic is created when two people come together and it’s important that you understand both your impact on the other, and their impact on you.  You can let go of taking certain things personally when this happens.

This reading can also be modified to show you the energetic dynamic when you have a loss of someone close to you in your life and come to understand why you feel certain energies that the other brought have been lost.  There was a consistent energy that the other brought that is no longer there and that can be confusing until you understand your own design versus the combined design. 

PRE-REQUISITE: A Foundation reading from me or another HD Professional.  If you and the other will both be present for the reading, both of you should have had a Foundation Reading.  If you are doing the relationship reading with yours and other’s chart who will not be at the reading, please ensure you have permission from them or their legal guardian (not needed, of course, if the other has transitioned from this incarnation)

Incarnation Cross Reading

$200.00 US (201.00 US for 3 pay option)
Pre-requisite – Foundation Reading with me or another HD Professional)

In this session (~60-90 min) we hone in on your Sun/Earth configuration, which is related to your purpose, along with an in depth look at your nodes, which provide information on the ‘stage’ on which your purpose will correctly emerge. 

More products to come soon!


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