EZZ Deep Clearing Virtual Workshop


A deep excavation and clearing of not only physical clutter but your ancestral lines.  Freeing you from the grip that your stuff has on you!



In this small group virtual workshop, we’ll go deep into the beliefs that your mind has based on ancestral or societal patterns, clearing those at a deep level and replacing them with high vibration energies.  I’ll tune in with your Higher Self to determine the belief and emotional glue holding it in place and work with the Beings of Light to clear these from you and your ancestral line.  In addition to your own clearing, you’ll also be clearing the patterns I identify for others as there are usually common patterns between us.  We’ll bring in the high vibration Nature Spirit qualities that your Higher Self says are right for you to replace what’s released.  This is a great opportunity to get both inner and outer clarity!

Following the initial clearing, you’ll work in pairs via Skype or other on-line means to do physical clearing.  It’s your choice what you work with but its an excellent time to work with those more sticky sentimental items in a supported situation, so it’s clear what needs to be released and what is to be kept and honoured.  We’ll be doing regular check-ins.  I’ll also monitor the things that you’re working with for lower level energies that they are carrying so that we can clear those out as well as any cords or hooks that I’m seeing between you and your things.  We don’t want you holding onto things because it’s energy is hooked into you!!

We’ll take at least a couple of revitalization breaks to come together for regular check-ins during our time together, to defray any overwhelm and keep you on track!  At the end of our workshop, I’ll do a cleansing and purification of the items you’re working with, whether they’re one’s you’re keeping or releasing, through the Beings of Light, and for the things that your are keeping, will bring in the High Vibration those things and your Higher Self are calling for to support you!

This is a ~5 hour intensive (depending on participant numbers) and includes time for a nutrition break, to really open you up to more space, ease and freedom in your life!!

Need a payment plan? Contact me at margo@margogfraser.com