Human Design Foundation Reading


A one-on-one reading of your auric type, your decision making process, what’s reliable and consistent for you in how you express your energy into the world, vulnerabilities to other’s energies, profile, signposts for your environment and your 4 key qualities.



In this session (~90 min) you’ll receive a 1-on-1 reading of your operating manual to reduce resistance in your life and learn how you uniquely express you energy out into the world, how your aura operates, the decision making process to use to move you along your path in life.  We’ll explore the main places you’re vulnerable to unwittingly taking on other’s energies that can leave you drained, overwhelmed and stuck in an unfulfilling relationship and the wisdom that you can gain when you release conditioning.  We’ll also review your profile, the costume you wear in the world, sign posts to let you know if you’re in the correct environment and the 4 key qualities most define you.

A foundation reading is the key to unlocking all other types of readings and starting the process of experimenting with your own design.