What I Do


I help individuals, who struggle with feeling drained and depleted, stressed out or don’t like how they are being triggered by certain people or situations to achieve more vitality, stamina, power and freedom by using empowering energy healing techniques.

My Philosophy

We all have triggers and challenges in our daily life and they can wear us down over time, leaving us drained, depleted, stressed and down on ourselves.  This can spiral downwards affecting our relationship with ourselves and others and prevent us from creating all that we want to in our lives.  But, it doesn’t have to be that way!  As we bring awareness to ourselves and our lives and seek to step into our full power and purpose, we may have noticed that certain aspects hold us back or drain our energy.  Nature has the capacity to reconnect, revitalize and rejuvenate us in ways that we might never have imagined.  Working collaboratively, I support clients in restoring their life force energy in a way that empowers them, allowing them to have more control, vitality, flow and a deeper understanding of themselves.

My Methods

I have been blessed with an energy modality that allows me to channel the high vibration qualities of Spirits of the Natural World in collaboration with the Beings of Love, Light, Service and Power to support individuals in restoring their vitality.  I use this  in conjunction with utilization of Integrative Soul Technology Process, created by Christel Hughes, C.Ht.  through guided meditation.

My Goals

To bring greater awareness of aspects of clients that are ready to be healed through intuitive reading.

To allow my clients to experience greater levels of vitality, joy, flow and freedom in their lives so that they can soar!

To create an even deeper connection to the power of nature and allow my clients to experience how nature’s magic can further awaken their own.

Revitalization and Boundary Repair Session

  • Are you desperate to create the life you dream of and doing your purpose work but feeling too drained and depleted to make it happen?
  • Do you feel bombarded and overwhelmed by the energies around you?
  • Do you have trouble holding your ground on issues or simply avoid people you fear will ask you to take on some task?
  • Do you collapse your boundaries with certain family members or tend to take on more than your share of responsibilities?

Unhealthly boundaries can leave you feeling drained, depleted and resentful. In this session, I will intuitively identify the aspect that is having the greatest impact on depletion of your boundaries and then we’ll clear this aspect and perform an energetic infusion with the Natural World Power Spirit that comes through for you to support the repair and revitalization of your boundary!

Personal Power Amp-up

  •  Do you come across as overly aggressive?
  • Feel that you are not able to fully step into your power?
  • Want to feel a new level of power within?

Holding back your power, being overly aggressive or not recognizing your own way of being powerful can all be draining and use more energy than required to go about your activities and create whatever you are trying to manifest in your life. In this session, I’ll intuitively read the aspect of you that is depleting your power.  We’ll upgrade that aspect to support you and bring in an infusion of your personal Natural World Power Spirt to support you in being your most powerful you!!

Releasing To the Light

We all have ways of reacting to situations that don’t serve us well.  Whether it’s a pattern passed down from our parents or a strategy we put into place in childhood to deal with a situation that we didn’t have the skill set to handle, aspects of ourselves can be fractured off from our true selves to survive, protect or take control of a situation.  Using the Integrative Soul Technology (IST) process created by Christel Hughes (C.Ht.) along with my own connection to the Beings of Love, Light, Power and Service and the Spirits of the Natural World, we’ll do a process to upgrade the aspect triggering you and give it a new role that will support you.  An energetic light infusion to clear out the residue in your energy body followed by a infusion of high vibration qualities of the specific Natural World Power Spirit that I intuitively read for you is then utilized to give you an extra layer of power and support as you move forward on your path.

I would love to share the Magic of Nature and its messages with you!

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