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Thank-you so much for participating in the Global Gathering!  By joining this effort to raise your vibration within, you’re helping to heal the world and supporting Mother Earth and all her Beings in all forms.  There’s a certain spiritual courage that is required to look into yourself honestly, compassionately and deeply, to acknowledge your wounds, your fears, the places where you may have contributed to someone else’s pain. And then, to take action…to take that leap to heal,  fully love and empower yourself.  To flow your magic out into the world with confidence.  To stand in your truth and purpose both magnificently and humbly.   It is such an honour to support you in this small way on your journey.  May you be blessed with abundance, love and joy.

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Mini Human Design Reading

Awakening To Your Magic:
Exploring Your Genetic Energetic Blueprint


Requires birth date, time and place

Let’s get you that information quickly and clearly on what type of aura you have and how it interacts with others, how your energy is authentically expressed into the world, where you are most vulnerable to unhealthy conditioning that can have you collapsing your boundaries, feeling unworthy, being a peacekeeper to avoid conflict and in co-dependent relationships.

For more about Human Design, check out my recent interview on Living Energy Day about Human Design  (

A personal session with Margo that includes:

  • Your Aura operating instructions – strengths and vulnerabilities
  • The specific decision making process that empowers you as your own authority in life and reduces resistance in you flowing along your path.  Plus, the signpostes that let you know if you’re on track…or not
  • The unique traits that are you! Gain a deeper knowing of your nature
  • The top 3 places where there is potential for you to become drained or overwhelmed
  • A copy of your blueprint (Bodygraph)

Session length: ~ 45 minutes

Cost: $75.00 US

Other ways to connect with me!

I host a free show called “Nature’s Portals for Transformation” that includes live readings on Academy for the Soul Radio.  You can sign up to receive notification each Sunday with access information to my show as well as the replays at

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Another opportunity for healing and transformation!  Academy for the Soul is hosting a free on-line telesummit!  Launch call is Monday, June 29 with lots of gift giveaways!! Sign up at to receive all the info and join me and other healers like Dipal Shah, Amanda Hopkins, Christel Hughes, Ana Maria Vasquez and more as we share our gifts with you!!


Identify unhealthy ancestral and societal patterns putting you in the Zombie Zone in 5 days

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FREE GIFT:Four Fab Flora that Support Healthy Boundaries Through Nature’s Divine Light


Celestial Herbal Energy Supplement Tetra-pack:

4 Herb Quick Guides + 4 Activations (mp3) + 4 Image Infusions + 4 Blessings

Boost your spiritual immune system for a healthy auric boundary...your first line of defense to outside energies that can zap your vitality and eclipse your Light. 

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