Cosmic Tree Releasing and Renewing Workshop


Cosmic Tree Workshop and Post Workshop integration meditation



Amplifying Your Divine Alignment with the Cosmic Tree
~ Releasing & Renewing Workshop on Demand ~ (~2 hrs)

Get support for aligning to Divine Source through connection with the Cosmic Tree!
In many ancient cultures, there was an understanding and mythos of a World Tree, Cosmic Tree or Tree of Life as a connection to the Earth below and the Heavens above. In this workshop, we’ll delve into this mythology for greater understanding of the related concepts, as above, so below, as within, so without and more!
Then, I’ll facilitate a releasing and clearing process around common shadow aspects carrying fear, resentment, suffering, etc., that can interfere with your ability to connect with the Divine Source energies of Allness and Oneness for another level of alignment, clarity and purpose! This is deep work… Time to weed those inner garden shadow aspects that have been lying below the surface and limiting your ability to root, grow, radiate and receive!
We’ll finish with connecting with the Cosmic Tree to establish the seeds of greater levels of empowerment, knowing of your value and love of your unique Beingness as an absolutely necessary part of the Allness!

Format: ‘on demand’ video (link will be provided to the full workshop along with an audio of the clearing process and PDF of the Cosmic Tree mythology presentation slides).


Calling Forth the Fruit of Your Cosmic Tree –Post Workshop Integration Meditation – MP3 download


(payment plans available. Contact me at margo@margogfraser to arrange)

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