Energetic Home Renovation Session


A one-on-one session to clear out lower level energies interfering with your home’s energetic structural support system and replace them with high vibration energies to support you and any other Beings in the home.



We want to make sure your space is an energetic amplifier not a vitality vampire!!  You are here on a mission and deserve to live in a Sanctuary as your headquarters for Expansion and Illumination. So what are the energies hiding out in your home? Are they truly supporting your efforts or silently sabotaging you?  Your spiritual progression depends not only on interacting with other people, but with your space and everything in your environment.  Lower level energies from current and previous occupants, past events on the land, the building of the home and manufacturing of it’s materials, as well as items brought into the space can all impact our energetic system!  Just like the physical home, the energetic structure of your space needs to be renovated to clear out old, dense energies and replace them with high vibration energies that are in harmony with you and support your expansion in all areas of your life. Let’s give your space a Divine Makeover!

During the One-on-One session, (approximately 45-60 min),
~I will speak to the Spirit of your home and intuitively identify the primary issues impacting the energetic structure of your space:  It’s foundation/grounding, boundary and vertical column.  
~I will channel the specific light indicated by the Beings of Light to dissolve, disinfect and purify the energies in these key structural areas.  
~We’ll turn your space into a vibrational Sanctuary!…Infuse the purified areas for repair and rejuvenation with the high vibration energies of the home’s Natural World Power Spirit to support your space and you in reclaiming your vitality.
~Grounding and harmonizing of your Home’s Aura with your personal Aura, increasing your connection and personal power to manifest your creations!
~I’ll also teach your home how to transmute lower level energies so that it can support you and those that come into your space going forward.  
Post Session Follow-up:.  You will also receive a 15 to 20 minute post-integration  consultation to further expand on the session shifts and next steps.


~ Home Foundation Gratitude and Honouring Meditation  MP3 Value

~ Home Boundary Gratitude and Honouring Meditation  MP3 Value

~ Home Vertical Column Gratitude and Honouring Meditation  MP3 Value

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